Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesdays are the days when we wonder how we are going to do all of this. How we are going to get through the week. How we are going to get everything we need to get done this semester/rotation. How we are going to get everything ready for the wedding that is 17 weeks away. How we are going to decide what to do with our lives, what specialty what profession. How are we going to get into residency and a doctorate program. Where are we going to live in a year and a half. Hopefully Wednesdays are also the days when we remember that we are not on our own. There is a purpose to all of this, it is not all for nothing or all for ourselves. For where we are called we will be provided for when we get there. Today is just a Wednesday, Wednesday is enough to worry about.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Mondays are the days that Jen and I part ways, as i head back to Wheaton and she starts another week of rotations. This week Jen is starting OB/GYN which, along with Surgery, will make the next 12 weeks pretty busy/stressful. I have just 3 weeks left in the quarter so things will get busy for me as well as I am working on 3 papers, the first on Luther and the Pope, the second on on the platonic and hellenistic philosophical influence on the early church: Tertullian and Irenaeus, and for OT theology a paper on the Pneumatology of the Pentateuch.
Fun stuff, i guess. keeping busy and feeling blessed even on a Monday.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the first blog picture.... BDT

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Masters Thesis

I have been thinking a lot this week about potential topics for a MA Thesis. It is a challenge to narrow in on a topic that will both be acceptable to the college and professors and will remain interesting to research and write over the next year. I have written a decent amount on imagination, myth, and metaphor in theology, so initially that seemed like a potential starting place. I am also intrigued by the thought of GK Chesterton both in his creative genius and his thoughts on distributionism and how that may relate to modern day liberation theology. Thoughts?

While I had my head in the clouds Jen watched open-heart surgery today.

thats about right,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Post for Diane

Hey Mom, We think you are the only who reads this so we thought we would write a post for you. Hi!
We talked to lydia tonight on skype she is good.
We may see you next week Jen's dress is in...
Ben & Jen