Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesdays are the days when we wonder how we are going to do all of this. How we are going to get through the week. How we are going to get everything we need to get done this semester/rotation. How we are going to get everything ready for the wedding that is 17 weeks away. How we are going to decide what to do with our lives, what specialty what profession. How are we going to get into residency and a doctorate program. Where are we going to live in a year and a half. Hopefully Wednesdays are also the days when we remember that we are not on our own. There is a purpose to all of this, it is not all for nothing or all for ourselves. For where we are called we will be provided for when we get there. Today is just a Wednesday, Wednesday is enough to worry about.


  1. When you are 40 or 50 you will still ask the same types of questions. Wednesdays will always be Wednesdays, and Mondays will always be Mondays.....don't wish any of them away. I was watching a video of Luke/Lydia playing 'Pachebel's Canon in D' for Kiley's wedding earlier today....I'm convinced there is purpose in music. If you figure it out let me know - I'll be off kayaking. Did I tell you I'm going to Florida in March?
    Good Luck with Wednesday. When are you coming home again? ~D/~M
    BTW - I owe you $14! :)
    BTWW - I meet Drew - he works for the clinic in MIS!

  2. Ben,
    Glad you liked Jen's photo of the violin man - started a tradition whenever any of you go to Europe you have to send me a photo of a violin player...I've got three so far...hopefully another from Luke in May. You and Jen could elope and spend a couple of weeks in Europe.... :) Have a great weekend. Love, ~D/~M

  3. I finally looked it all up - your research topics. I'm not sure who's going to learn more from your Master's Degree - you or me.... :)
    Pneumatology of the Pentateuch sounds especially intriguing. Probably I was attracted to the 'pneuma'= breathe. :) SO - if pneumatology is the study of spiritual beings and phenomena, and The Pentateuch is the Book of the Law/Moses, does it follow that you aren't talking about the traditional Christian concept of pneumatology - since the concept of the Holy Spirit wasn't introduced to us until the time of Christ? ~D/M