Monday, July 6, 2009

Song for Jen

Here are the words for the song I wrote(with Lane Jahn) for Jen, that Lane and I performed at the wedding.

Today I stand before you
As you're sharing this with me
Our life becomes our memories

Here in God's presence
I can see
How the cross holds more love
Than the words we speak

So I want to show I love you
But I know
I'll have to wait til' life gives me a chance to prove...

That greater than the words I write
Must be the life I give you in peace and pain
After every trial that we face,
I'll thank God for you

Today I stand- With faith that he did choose you for me
Today I stand- The first step in thousands you'll take with me
Today I stand- With thanks for all that's in you...and what you see in me
Today We stand- with breath to form our union… and live…

How I want to show I love you
And I know
We'll both learn love through Christ alone.