Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First March Blog

Its been a few weeks since our last post. Jen and I have been back to Ames the past two weekends for the E-free marriage counseling class and retreat. We really enjoyed getting to spend some time together learning/reviewing some important principles for marriage. It is an exciting time as we close in on 3 months until the wedding. Spring is always my favorite time of year and this year that is magnified. I finished up the 3rd quarter last week so i am on spring break this week. I will be staying in Iowa City working on wedding stuff/ taking care of some things to transition to married life. Jen is delivering babies the next couple weeks which is exciting for her(though the hours remain long). After the first day she was pretty confident i would not be able to stay in the deliver room if/when that time comes around for us. I almost fainted as she told me about it... We continue to try to figure out what the future holds, specialties/residency for Jen, and school/ career for me, it is a good reminded that life doesn't end on June 20th. Which is a good reminder to live for today, tomorrow will bring enough worries of its own (someone smarter then I said that).

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  1. Yeah, I think I said that, but I may have heard it somewhere else....:)
    Glad you didn't flunk marriage classes and we can go ahead with the wedding. I hope you're enjoying spring break! Love you, ~Mom