Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the beat goes on

We have been pretty busy the past few weeks I finished the 3rd quarter at school( a couple papers and a test) then had spring break spent in Ames, IC, and Chicago( the same as most any week i guess), I am already 2 weeks into the 4th quarter so only 6 to go. Jen finished her OB/GYN rotation, really enjoying the last few weeks of delivering babies. We managed to get to Ames to send out wedding invitations last weekend which was a lot of work, but a lot of fun with the family. Monday Jen started her Surgery rotation which will no doubt be challenging and a learning experience. 6 weeks until she is through that and I am done with Spring classes. The wedding is 81 days away which feels simultaneously to close and to far away, we settled on what everybody is going to wear, music, and cermony stuff, as well as talking with the flower people photo people (danny mac) ring people (lane) and the band... We also settled on a place to live next year(in the same complex Jen lives in now). Next weekend we will be heading back to Ames for a day for Brian Scott's wedding. I have about 1,250 pages to read over the next 5 weeks(7 papers to write and a test), should be fun....at least jen will be working 16 hour days during that time (balance sort of) thats about it i am heading to boston market... they still have those up here...

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  1. Guess what?! I got the first return response card for the wedding.....filet mignon.... not a vegetarian.:) Looks like we're going to have a wedding...maybe I should get a dress.... Love, ~D/M